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Lavender Simple Syrup 10 Ways

Crafted with care and infused with the blooms from the rolling hills of our farm, Lavender Simple Syrup is a versatile addition to your pantry and an amazing conversation starter. Join us on our journey as we explore ten creative and mouthwatering ways to elevate your dishes, desserts, and beverages with the exquisite flavor of Lavender Simple Syrup. Get ready to transform your culinary adventures with a touch of lavender-infused magic!

1.) Lavender Infused Mocktails and Cocktails

Lavender is gin's best friend and seamlessly blends into fresh and fruity cocktails or mocktails.

2.) Lavender Latte

Add lavender to any of your favorite caffienated creations to balance out any java jitters and incorporate unique sweet and herbal flavor.

3.) Lavender Lemonade

An absolute staple at the farm - Lavender Simple Syrup is what makes our lemonade so special. Guests come from far and wide just for a taste of this summer in a bottle.

4.) Lavender Ice Cream and Sorbet

Add a dash of lavender to summertime frozen treats for a cooling and unique twist! Our favorites are Lavender and Vanilla Ice Cream and Strawberry Lavender Sorbet.

5.) Lavender Pancakes

Pancakes with maple syrup has been the norm for years...but it's time to spice things up. Lavender simple syrup is just as rich and delicious as maple, but with added calming benefits ;)

6.) Lavender Sparkling Water

Sip, hydrate, and relax.

7.) Lavender Infused Iced Teas and Refreshers

Elevate your sweet teas and create brand new beverages packed with health benefits.

8.) Lavender Frosting

Peak the interest of your guests and create your own signature recipie with a dash of this very special secret ingredient.

9.) Lavender White Hot Chocolate

Lavender White Hot Chocolate is our holiday secret weapon. It's rich and soothing, and perfect for hosting an event.

10.) Give Lavender Simple Syrup as a Gift

It's unique, it's versatile and it's bound to turn heads. Check out our website to grab yours!

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