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Professional Photography is photography for which income is derived. Professional photography may be conducted in designated areas by appointment only and paid online or in person. During business hours, the fee for professional photography is $35/hour for individual and single-family sessions and $55/hour outside of posted business hours.  All photographers are required to check in at the barn upon arrival during business hours. If booking after hours you are required to pay online ahead of time.


Professional Photography Group Sessions follow the same guidelines as Professional Photography, however there is an additional fee. Group Photography is defined as more than one individual, couple, or single family per hour and includes “mini-sessions”. You will be asked the number of participants when scheduling your booking. Group sessions during posted business hours are $60/hour, group sessions outside of normal business hours are $100/hour.

Non-Professional Photography is unpaid photography conducted by an amateur or professional for personal use or art form. Photography for reproduction or sale may be conducted only with written approval from Pumpkin Blossom Farm.    Non-Professional photography may be conducted in designated areas during open business hours without an appointment and is free of charge. The fee for after-hours photography is $25/hour and must be booked ahead of time. If booking after hours you are required to pay online ahead of time.


If the time you are attempting to book is unavailable, or if you have questions about a photography booking, please contact:


All photography sessions outside of posted business hours as well as group photography sessions should be booked in advance through our bookings system, and will be subject to approval. 

The following rules apply to all photography at Pumpkin Blossom Farm:  

Parking Policy

  • Photographers and guests are asked to please park in the secondary parking lot to keep spaces available in front of the barn for customers

  • Flow of visitors along driveway, pathways, or inside the barn must not be blocked at any time.

Respect our Plants Policy:

  • Guests, photographers, and their equipment must stay on pathways – walking or sitting in plant beds or placing equipment in beds is prohibited.

  • Please do not hang props or gear on trees or plants.

  • Farm property may not be moved, rearranged, or handled in any way.

Property Care Policy:

  • Climbing, sitting, standing, or walking on rock walls, fences, structures, trees, or water features is strictly forbidden for safety concerns.

Noise Policy:

  • Please be mindful of your guest’s noise level, to not disrupt the peaceful enjoyment of others at the farm.

  • You are welcome to take photos in and around Ellie - the old farm truck - and guests are allowed to sit in the cab and the bed of the truck but please do not honk the horn.

Other Guidelines:

  • Pumpkin Blossom Farm does not assume any responsibility for loss, theft or damage to equipment or personal items belonging to you or your clients

  • Pumpkin Blossom Farm maintains the right to adjust these policies, in specific instances, for the best interests of the plants, farm and the general public.


We would love to see your work!

  • If you post pictures on social media, please remember to tag @pumpkinblossomfarm or post our location in your social media posts!

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