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Events and Classes


lavender wreathmaking class in the barn

The 2023 season will bring a series of fresh and dried flower classes that will invoke all the senses.  You can enjoy the beauty and benefits of lavender, while enjoying time with others making a variety of crafts and wreaths handcrafted using blooms harvested right from our very own fields.  Finished wreaths make a wonderful addition to your home or make wonderful gifts.  

candlelight relaxation yoga in the barn

Yoga, Health and Wellness

We are excited to combine the relaxing and calming effects of lavender with the therapeutic benefits of yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and other stress relieving activities.  We look forward to adding an exciting list of classes and offerings next season that will provide you with the break you need from daily stresses and allow you to recharge surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of our fields.  

Lavender Craft and Wreath Classes


Whether it's family portraits or senior photos, there's a spot on the farm that will capture the perfect moment in time surrounding by a field of purple.  Photographers are welcome to contact us to schedule their sessions.  

For a complete guide to our photography policies, please click here.

Lavender Culinary Experiences

If you've never tasted lavender in any food or beverages, you're in for a treat.  The floral aroma and flavor of lavender pairs well with a variety of foods including vanilla, lemon, honey as well as many surprising pairings like steak and beer. 

We look forward awakening your taste buds with lavender infused culinary creations.     

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Media &News

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