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This image shows a fresh lavender bundle wrapped in pastel purple tissue paper and cup of organic lavender infused ice cream with a wooden spoon

Online Courses and Free Guides

Welcome, My Zen Friends!

We are thrilled to have you here at our educational resource page, a place crafted with love and passion, designed to be your guiding light into the enchanting realm of lavender farming.


Whether you're a seasoned farmer seeking to add an additional stream of revenue to your business or a budding enthusiast curious about the wonders of lavender, you've found your haven. Our courses and freebies are brimming with expert tips, nurturing guidance, and the secrets behind cultivating and appreciating the beauty of this extraordinary herb.

We believe that knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied. So, as you navigate this space, immerse yourself, ask questions, and let the lavender magic infuse your journey with inspiration. Whether you dream of starting your own lavender farm or simply wish to deepen your understanding, you've found a community that nurtures dreams and cultivates learning.


Together, let's explore, learn, and let the lavender dreams bloom.


Happy Learning,

Missy 💜   

P.S. If you'd like to get on my waitlist for the 6-week Lavender Farm School, sign up here

Lavender Farm School

Signature Online Course

Lavender Farm School 

Your 6-Week Journey to a Lucrative Lavender Business Infused with Peace and Prosperity Right From Your Backyard.

Are you ready to turn your lavender farm dream into reality? Or are you ready to add a new revenue stream to your existing farm venture.   Welcome to our 6-week immersive course, a comprehensive A-Z guide designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to cultivate your own lavender haven and build a lavender business that excites your soul.


Join us on this extraordinary journey as we walk you through the essential steps, from planting your first lavender plant to harvesting a bountiful, fragrant harvest and beyond!  From making products, packaging, marketing and branding to events, classes, business essentials and profit potential, we'll have you ready to dive in and build the lavender business of your dreams.  



You don't need acres of land and lots of money to cultivate a business that will bring you more joy, peace and profit.

An image of a woman's open palms filled with lavender buds, and the lavender buds form the shape of a heart across her hands. She is wearing a crystal chakra bracelet, a pura vida bracelet and an Alex and Ani bracelet on her right wrist. The background of the image features a dark wooden table covered in lavender
Free Start Up Guides
 This image features a white background with texture, and is the thumbnail for a downloadable PDF that includes the 3 most essential tips to starting up a lavender farm. The photo features a close up of lavender fields at pumpkin blossom farm’s lavender field in bloom. Text includes “The Essential 3” “Lavender Farm Start Up Guide” and “”

FREE Instant Download

The Lavender Farm Start Up Guide:  The Three Essential Elements 

Start Your Lavender Adventure Today: Now, armed with the knowledge of these three essential elements, step onto your chosen piece of land. Let the sun kiss your dreams, the soil cradle your aspirations, and the lavender blooms whisper tales of your passion. Your journey as a lavender farmer begins now. Welcome to the lavender-scented world of endless possibilities and boundless joy!

FREE Instant Download

The Magic of Lavender:
Cultivating Peace and Profit With One Powerful Perennial  

Explore the many reasons why lavender is the perfect perennial.  This one versatile herb has the power to transform your garden, home, business and well-being.  Whether you're interested in the variety of health benefits, or you want to explore the business of lavender, this guide will give you many reasons to embrace the magic of lavender. 


Whether used in essential oils, teas, or other lavender-infused products, there are powerful compounds that contribute to lavender's reputation as a natural and effective relaxation aid.  Dive in and learn about the many ways lavender can improve your well bring and your bottom line. 

This image shows a thumbnail for a downloadable informational PDF that focuses on the lavender plant and growing a business that is lavender oriented. The main image is a lavender field cut into two sections, the left side features the field in the sun, and the right shows the field at night with an astral render showing the stars. There is a border with a wood texture design at the bottom with the text “” The top border says The Magic of lavender, and there is additional text in the lower center of the image that says “Cultivating Peace and Profit with One Profitable Perennial”. There is a happy yellow sun in the upper left corner.
Free Recipes Books
drink recipe book thumbnail.png

FREE Instant Download

Lavender Seasonal Drink Recipes

Indulge your senses in a world of lavender-infused delights with our free downloadable recipe book.  Discover the enchanting allure of lavender through a curated collection of exquisite drink recipes that promise moments of tranquility in every sip.

Unleash your inner mixologist with easy-to-follow recipes that cater to all tastes and occasions. Whether you're in the mood for a revitalizing Lavender Iced Coffee or a classy Lavender Champagne Cocktail for celebrations, our recipes offer a delightful journey into the world of lavender-infused drinks.


Our Favorite Things

The 'Get Started' List of Must Haves and Helpful Items to Simplify your Lavender Farming Journey

Field Prep & Planting Tools

Weed control is a MUST in the world of commercial lavender growing.  We lay this ground cover in the fall to kill all the vegetation to make planting in the spring a breeze.  No tilling.  Just cut holes, drill holes and drop your field plugs without the worry of weeds overtaking your beds.

Craft Supplies

Whether you're making wreaths, soaps, lotions or hand crafted craft items  Check out some our favorite tried and true craft supplies that help us to scale and grow our farm business.

UPICK Supplies

UPICK is the core of our business.  It's what generally brings visitors to our farm for the first time.  Having and organized, streamlined system for them to register, get instructions, and have the right tools makes the difference between a good experience and a great one.  

Apparel and Helpful Gadgets

We couldn't get through our harsh winters and muddy springs without some of our favorite outdoor work clothes and accessories.

Our Favorite Things
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