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Value Added Producer Grant

The $250K game changing grant and why every farmer should apply

The 250K Game Changing Grant: 
15 Things I Wish I knew
RE Applying

Wednesday, January 17, 2024
11 am - 12:30 pm
Spaces are limi

The spring planting season will be here before we know it, so this is the only time I plan to do this session live.

Lavender Fields

See Exactly What the VAPG did for Me

  • Hired 4 full-time Staff
  • Received letters of recommendation from my state's Department of Agriculture and the Govenor's office
  • Featured in news publications and magazines
  • Developed and produced a quality product we can wholesale at a much larger scale than previously possible.
  • Set me up to apply for future grants with more experience and ease
  • Created additional exposure for my existing farm business
  • Added $$thousands$$ to my bottom line.
  • Diversified my revenue streams to protect my farm business against unpredictable weather events​

Why Should I Register?

If you are trying to grow and scale your farming venture, you won't want to miss this LIVE webinar that dives into the TOP 15 Tips I wish I knew before writing my grant.  


I'm Missy Biagiotti and I'm a lavender farmer from New Hampshire who wrote an application for a $250K federal matching grant and got it!  


This is a game changing cash infusion into my farming business that I think EVERY farmer, regardless of what they farm or how long they've been do it, has a real shot at receiving.  Give me 90 minutes of your time and I'll give you the advice I wish I had before I started writing my grant.  


This grant is REAL.  


This is not some fake list of resources that point you toward grants and awards that you've not eligible for.   This is the real deal and will require a substantial amount of time and dedication if you want a chance to be a recipient.  But YES, it is possible and if you're a farmer in the US, then you're eligible.  


This webinar will only be offered for a short time and the grant application will be due May of 2024.  Don't delay as this grant opportunity won't present itself again until this time next year.  

**The information that will be presented is a first hand account from a grant recipient and farmer.  We are in no way affliated with the USDA Rural Developement office or the Value Added Producer Grant.  We are offering information that can only come from completing the application ourselves and receiving the award.  We are not receiving compensation from any party to provide this information to you. 

ashley in the field.jpg

I'm sharing the knowledge it took me months to obtain through trial and error and hours and hours of my time searching for the answers.  

If you are in the process of writing the grant or just wish to learn all you can to give yourself the best chance of your farm earning this game changing grant, don't hesitate.  I'm sharing all my best secrets to give you the best chance at success. 

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