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  Powerful Anxiety Relief 

  Take Back Control of Your Stress Response and Get Relief from Anxiety with REAL Lavender


Harvested by hand at our farm in the mountains of central New Hampshire and distilled straight from the field.

No Pesticides

No Fertilizers

No Chemicals

We distill 80-100 pounds of fresh lavender to create 2 ounces of our powerful, essential oil.  Combined only with organic, fractionated coconut oil, our aromatherapy roller safely delivers powerful, anxiety relieving benefits.   

“There's something magical about this farm and the lavender they grow.  Whether you have the pleasure of visiting in person or just experiencing the lavender in their products, it will bring you a sense of overwhelming peace.”

C.J. Murphy, NH

Terpene Compounds:  The Secret Ingredients Behind the
Calming Effects of Lavender

PXL_20220722_182843212 Copy.jpg

More and more scientific evidence shows that lavender has positive effects on the body and mind.

  • Increasing relaxation

  • Decreasing anxiety

  • Providing an overall sense of calm

  • Reducing heart rate and blood pressure

  • Providing pain-relief and reduce the perception of pain in individuals with chronic pain conditions.

  • Improving sleep quality and duration

  • Treating skin conditions 

  • Promoting hair growth

  • Reducing menstrual discomfort

Disclaimer:  Although the lavender essential oil doesn’t present any safety risk when used alone, the active compounds in the product use the same metabolic pathway as common prescription medications for anxiety and depression, and possibly interfering with the efficacy of those medications.  It is always best to consult with your physician prior to starting any new treatment.  


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