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Craft the Extraordinary

Elevate your drinks, uplift your spirit, and let the soothing taste and aroma of lavender fill your senses.


Starbucks may only offer it in the spring,

but we're officially declaring it 

Lavender Beverage Season 

any time of the year. 


Lavender Simple Syrup

Since Newsweek announced Lavender as the Food Flavor Trend for 2024, it's been taking the drink world by storm.  If you've tried and loved the newly-released,   STARBUCKS® limited-time menu items, featuring a lavender oat milk latte and a matcha latte with lavender cold foam, you'll want to get your hands on our all-natural, fresh from the field, lavender simple syrup.

You may only find it there in the springtime, but you can enjoy lavender beverages any time at home at a fraction of the cost.


Our lavender buds are harvested by hand on our farm in the mountains of central New Hampshire and infused in every drop of our sweet and herbal simple syrup - elevating you drinks and your mood to a new level.  

No Pesticides

No Fertilizers

No Chemicals

Our lavender buds are steeped to create an authentic lavender taste experience. No artificial colors or flavors.  Just tranquility in a bottle.  Sip and savor the taste of serenity.


More and more scientific evidence shows lavender has positive effects on the body and mind.

  • Increasing relaxation

  • Decreasing anxiety

  • Providing an overall sense of calm

  • Reducing heart rate and blood pressure

  • Providing pain-relief and reduce the perception of pain in individuals with chronic pain conditions

  • Improving sleep quality and duration

  • Treating skin conditions 

  • Promoting hair growth

  • Reducing menstrual discomfort

Disclaimer:  Although lavender and lavender essential oil doesn’t present any safety risk when used alone, the active compounds in the product use the same metabolic pathway as common prescription medications for anxiety and depression, and possibly interfering with the efficacy of those medications.  It is always best to consult with your physician prior to starting any new treatment.  

Terpene Compounds:  The Secret Ingredients Behind the
Calming Effects of Lavender


Pure Bliss in a Bottle

Versatile & Irresistible: Perfect for cocktails, mocktails, coffee, tea, desserts, and more!


Create Instagram-worthy drinks effortlessly like a pro


Impress your guests, tantalize your taste buds, and indulge in the luxurious flavors of lavender

Makes a beautiful and thoughtful holiday hostess gift

Order Before Midnight on September 1



Use Code:  lavender24

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